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Why invest in an optical cable plant franchise?

Optical cable main component of critical digital infrastructure

  • Essentiality of Internet in Modern Life

    Internet access has become an essential requirement for modern life, almost as crucial as food.

  • Impact of Internet on Connectivity

    The Internet not only enables people to stay connected, receive information, and enhance their quality of life but also offers opportunities for learning and working remotely.

  • Global Adoption of Fiber Optic Technology

    Many countries are showing a growing readiness and willingness to adopt new technologies based on fiber optic cables.

  • Advantages of Localization in Technology

    Localization can provide you the “national producer” status with low competition and highly profitable business due to governmental support.

This franchise is for you if:


You have experience in telecom market supply

Ideal for individuals with a strong background and practical experience in the telecommunications market supply, bringing valuable industry-specific knowledge.


You have experience in power utility market supply

Suited for those with experience in supplying the power utility market, demonstrating capabilities in energy sector logistics and management.


Your country will develop telecom and power utility infrastructure

Targeted towards regions where there is an ongoing or planned development of telecommunications and power utility infrastructures, signaling a booming market potential.


Your country is supporting local producers

A perfect match for countries that actively support and provide advantages to local manufacturers and producers, offering a competitive edge in the market.

Who we are

Incab franchise developer: world's leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables, OPGW and specialty cables for Oil & Gas

Incab America LLC,
Grapevine, Texas, USA

Optical cables, OPGW

Erfurt, Germany

Optical cables

Incab Russia,

Optical cables, OPGW,
Specialty cables

Implemented projects

  • Incab

    Perm, Russia

  • Incab America

    Grapevine, TX, USA

  • Emcab

    Erfurt, Germany

Main components of franchise:






Marketing unit

  • What cable designs are in demand in your country
  • The volumes of cable that network providers buy/are expected to buy
  • Preliminary calculations of sales margin
  • Profit forecast

Market promotion unit

  • Incab brand (or a different one)
  • Website
  • Other digital marketing tools
  • Offline marketing materials for brand promotions (catalogues, sample kits, etc.)

Economic unit

  • Sales plan & production plan
  • Sales reporting system
  • Business plan (CAPEX, P&L, cash flow)

Technical unit

  • Selection of equipment and definition of production requirements
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Production launch and 1-year supervision
  • Quality Management System and ISO certification

Organizational and IT unit

  • Package of business processes
  • ERP system support from a single center around the clock
  • ERP solution for managing sales, purchasing, production, accounting and financial results

Choose product family for your plant


Cable designs for various deployment methods that are approved and in high demand within your country

Power distribution

OPGW — optical ground wire

Oil & Gas

  • Wells monitoring
  • Pipelines monitoring
  • Structural health monitoring

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